Edge Breaker


Edge breaker have made it easier for players in the manufacturing industry to make quality products. Furthermore, this machine helps to achieve perfect finishes on metals. That is why aircraft manufacturers mostly use it.


These breakers have revolutionised the manufacturing industry processes, especially in helping them achieve smoother finishes on metals. Here are some more advantages of using edge breakers:

  • Quality finishes: These machines improve the style of a product by making the edges of the metallic surfaces smoother. Many customers need to get the smooth feel of a product because it boosts the market value.
  • Constant radius: All the edges on a product have specific radii, making it have equal measurements. With these radii, you will avoid having irregular weight and sizes on the products as it can be a brand killer.
  • Removal of oxide layers: An oxide layer is the hard part that remains after cutting the finished product. This layer comes into shape after a reaction with oxygen. It often occurs when using methods such as laser and plasma cutting. The machines help to attain the final shine on the metal.

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