Kiteschool software

Kiteschool software was developed in 2015 by Kiteboard School. It was developed mainly with a purpose to automate scheduling and planning for instructors and students. This was due to high demand in the market for an online booking system. It helps you to plan, book, and to keep track of your business. This makes your company grow faster since everything you are doing will take the shortest time using Kiteschool software.

Advantage of using Kiteschool software.

Almost every kitesurf school runs into the same problem: time wastage on manual task, the problem in booking and planning process. Using kitesurf school software will help you overcome these problems and promote growth since it automates everything enabling you to run the business smoothly. This software is built mainly for Kiteschool. It allows the customer to schedule and pay for online lessons. Kiteschool software has a personalised, secure login page that allows instructors to see their own lessons. Another good feature of Kite school software is that it depends on the weather. When wind condition is not favourable, it allows an individual to cancel the reservation with the push of a button and then it offers an instant an alternative date. Kitesurfing software is highly customised because and it has a section where you can arrange your packages, logo, colours and prices. Another advantage of Kiteschool software is that you have a good customer overview, which boosts revenue.

Users of Kiteschool software.

This software has a large number of users across various industries. Kiteschool software is used in surf school, sailing school, SUP school, gym, kitesurf schools and outdoor sports. Reason for application in these industries is that it makes scheduling easier. It is a time saver and enables companies to be more scalable, leaving instructors and customers more satisfied.

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