Rockwell Hardness Test Equipment

Rockwell hardness test

It uses the internationally standardised hardness testing method, common in testing metallic and plastic materials. Rockwell hardness test relies on the hardness of the material and the indenter’s depth to determine the hardness of the material. Considering the sample size, the indenter presses on the material as the degree of hardness reads, making the process faster and more accurate.

In essence, the preliminary test force and the additional load gives the required test load. Any Rockwell Hardness test is considered standard owing to the ISO 6508 accreditation.

Rockwell hardness test

Rockwell Models

Fenix Series

  • 200 AR – testing between 10kgf and 150kgf. It is manual, has an analogue reading and measures dead weight.
  • 200 ACL – both test between 10kgf and 187.5kgf. The 200 ACL has an analogue reading system with digital settings, while the 200 DCL has a closed Loop system.
  • 300 RS and RS-IMP – both test between 1kgf and 250kgf. The only difference is the closed-loop system. The RS has an iTouch system, while the RS-IMP has an IMPRESSIONS LT system.

Others in the series are the 300U and the 300XL.

Rockwell hardness test

Hawk Series (250 RS, 400 RS, 400 RS-IMP and 652 RS-IMP)

All measure hardness between 1kgf and 18.5kgf. Of the 4, the 652 RS-IMP is the most sophisticated with an IMPRESSION system with a 650mm working height.

Other models include the Verzus (710 RS, 720 RS), Nexus 605 RS (B) and the Nemesis (6100, 6200 and 910 RS)

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