Tips for starting entrepreneurs

People are different. Some people like to work for one and the other wants to be their own boss at no cost. You may come up with the idea of starting your own company in the Netherlands. Suppose the time has come, there is still a lot preparation left. Think about writing a business plan, coming up with a strategy or watching the competition. For the sake of convenience, let’s say that this has already been done and once the time has come to set up a Dutch business. Quick, and read on for some tips!

Tip 1: register

It actually al starts with this. You must register with the ‘Kamer van Koophandel’ (KVK). This is intended for all companies and legal entities in the Netherlands. Registration is also mandatory and can be done via the website. Are you completely unknow and do you need help? Intercompany Solutions is a company that can help starting entrepreneurs like you with this.

Tip 2: business account

This part is not mandatory, although it can be very useful in the long run. Business and private payments would remain separate and give you a clear overview. This is not only clear for yourself, but it also helps for people like accountants, bookkeepers or the tax authorities. You will probably not be the only one who has difficulty with this and that is why Intercompany Solutions can help you with everything that includes starting a business.

Tip 3: provide a piggy bank

In the beginning phase there are always (many) costs of your company. You must be aware of the fact that a lot of payments will be charged after a few weeks. It is certainly recommended to provide a financial buffer. This can compensate for the difference between costs and income. In any case, make sure that you can easily bridge the first months.

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