The veranda, also called a porch, is a small roofed open area attached to the outside of a building where you can relax with your family and friends or even entertain guests. Due to its position, as it is the first place where guests are welcomed, there is need to decorate this area with one’s desired artwork, paintings or flowers.



A veranda can add value to your home and its structure can depend on some factors like the size of your house, how vast you would like the space to be and how you will use it. Generally, it should be above ground level.

Whichever style you choose to go with, you are required to maintain the space by ensuring it’s clean, protecting the furniture from harsh weather conditions and tending to plants occasionally.

You can design your porch in different ways, depending on your preference and style. A porch with a flat roof can make your house look bigger. This can be suitable for a home with a square or rectangular shape.

A curved shape will also make your porch look exquisite and give it the entertainment touch.

An appropriate colour scheme should be used as it ties the spaces of the porch together, making it look warm.

You can choose plants that can survive changing seasons for your porch. This can aid in easy maintenance as one would not have to bring them indoors when the temperatures drop or rise.

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