What does sales broker cost?

sales broker

Is it time to switch houses? Because of an expansion of the family or because of financial growth? Whatever it is, you need a real estate agent to sell your home. The real estate agent ensures that your home is sold for the highest possible price. And we all want that, right? But what exactly does a sales broker broker cost? And what are the costs that you have to pay him? We will explain all these questions in this blog.

Start-up costs 

Once you have found the sales broker that you think is suitable for this job, this real estate agent will first determine what the start-up costs are. These start-up costs are for the real estate agent to delve into your home, take photos and put the home on platforms like Funda. The costs for this work are usually between 250 and 450 euros. With some sales brokers you get the start-up costs back as soon as the sale is complete. However, the disadvantage of start-up costs is that if the sales broker does not finish the job, you will lose this amount. Therefore it’s always worth considering looking for a sales broker without these start-up costs, even if they are difficult to find.

No cure no pay 

Sales brokers are usually paid through brokerage. This means that you pay nothing except the start-up costs if the house is not sold. This logically also gives the sales broker the necessary motivation to sell your home. Brokerage means also that you owe a certain percentage of the value of the sale of your home to the sales broker. You pay this for several services, such as placing bids, making sales calls, promoting your home and finalizing the final deal. In the Netherlands, each sales broker may individually determine his own commission. So it is always worth seeking out someone with a low commission.

How do you pay the sales broker? 

Do you have to pay the real estate agent immediately as soon as the house is sold? This is a question many people have. Most of the times it works like this: you pay the start-up costs directly to the sales broker. However, the brokerage fee goes through the notary. The amount you owe the sales broker is deducted from the sale price of your home. Of course you pay it, but indirectly.

Hopefully you are now well informed about the costs of a sales broker. Need further advice? @Work Real Estate is open to all your questions.

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