What to keep in mind when writing a job description?

Writing a job description is not as easy as it may seem. Just incorporating information about the job, the requirements and what skills a suitable candidate should possess is not enough anymore. Of course, those are the most relevant details; however, there is more to keep in mind. For example, the specific words you choose, how you address possible employees and how lengthy the text is going to be. What else do you need to know? Find it out below!

Avoid gender bias

Bias is within the human nature. We are all biased in some kind of way when making decisions, when meeting people for the first time or when seeing someone on the street. Even though it is something cognitive and hard to avoid, it is not completely unavoidable. There are many tricks you could implement to avoid gender bias when writing a job description, for example, by using the word ”you” instead of he, she or (s)he. It is also recommended to use neutral and descriptive titles, such as project manager, teamleader or developer. Moreover, certain words also attract men or women in a different way. Words like support are considered female, while determine is more male. Textmetrics offers a platform to write the perfect job description without gender bias.

Keep the text relevant

It is understandable that you want to share as much as possible. As a recruiter, you would like to make possible candidates enthusiastic by sharing all the nice and good traits of your firm. Yet, do not make the text too long: candidates will stop reading at some point. Thus, make sure you only include the most relevant information and make the text skimmable. If a job-seeker cannot read the text by just skimming through it, it is too lengthy. This way, you know you need to adjust it.

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